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Elyse Sadtler is an Internationally Certified Natural Henna Artist based in Northwest Connecticut.

After being introduced to henna by an Indian friend, she became passionate about this ancient art form. As a self-taught professional, she enjoys experimenting with various design elements from intricate Indian patterns to geometric Moroccan motifs. 


A state certified educator by trade, Elyse puts her love of teaching to use by offering workshops and classes to teach others about this beautiful form of body art. Henna allows for endless creative expression, and she enjoys sharing it with others!


When not teaching or doing henna, you'll find Elyse spending time outside with her husband and dog, reading, and writing for a local newspaper. 


So what is it? Henna, a term derived from Arabic, is many things—a plant, an art form and an ancient tradition. 

Henna, the plant, grows in hot, arid regions of the world like northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of India and Pakistan. The best henna comes from the Indian state of Rajasthan, and this is what Elyse uses on all of her clients.

Harvested twice each year, the leaves of the henna plant are dried and ground into a fine powder. Elyse mixes this powder with water, essential oils and sugar to make a paste for drawing designs on skin.

Also known as mehndi, henna as an art form and ancient tradition has been in existence for thousands of years. Used by many cultures and peoples of all major religions, henna as a practice transcends time, place, language and beliefs.

The ancient Egyptians dyed their hair with henna and buried their pharaohs with it. Jewish peoples throughout north Africa and the Middle East used henna in religious ceremonies. The Moors of Medieval Spain used henna for body art, and paintings from the time depict people and saints with hennaed hands.

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Virtual Henna Lessons

In the era of social distancing, why not learn how to do henna yourself? This 30-minute virtual Zoom henna lesson can be tailored to what you want to learn, from mixing your own henna paste to basic design elements and more. Stay home, stay safe and learn henna! 

Each 30-minute lesson is $45. See Appointments below to book.

Individual Henna Session


Getting henna for a special occasion or just for fun is a beautiful way to adorn your skin. See Appointments below to book.


Starting at $30 for 15 minutes.


Bridal Henna

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Why not make it that much more special with henna for the occasion? Traditional, contemporary, or a fusion of both, Elyse specializes in simple but elegant bridal designs that complement her unique style. Her hand-mixed henna paste, clean line work and innovative designs will ensure your wedding henna turns out beautifully! 

Starting at $100 per hour. Total price is based on the amount and intricacy of the bridal designs.

Pregnancy Henna


Welcome your child into the world and celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby by adorning your pregnant belly with henna. 


Starting at $150.

Group Event

Indulge your guests in a unique henna body art experience. Henna is a wonderful addition to any gathering: birthdays, bat and bar mitzvah celebrations, bridal and baby showers, yoga studio events, book club meetings, graduations, backyard barbecues or just fun with friends.

Elyse also offers henna to schools as a fun activity at student events. 

Group events are charged at a rate between $100 and $150 per hour depending on travel time and distance. Time minimums apply. Please get in touch for accurate pricing information.

Henna Library Program—Now Available Virtually!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library program is now available virtually. Elyse has adapted her in-person program to create an interactive and dynamic virtual format that can be presented online in a 90-minute session, allowing participants to learn about henna from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The program includes a brief overview of all the basics (history, the science of henna on skin, where it comes from, etc.), a henna paste mixing demonstration, a Kahoot trivia game and a choice between two options: a lesson on how to draw a mandala, or a lesson on basic henna application techniques. 

Cost for the program is $190. The mandala lesson is at no additional charge. The basic henna application techniques lesson requires each participant to have a henna cone (supplied by Elyse) given to them ahead of time to practice with during the program. Cones are an additional $5 per participant.

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